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pocket rar


Pocket RAR is a version of the RAR archiver for the Pocket PC 2002 platform, it is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.
The Pocket RAR archiver is distributed as freeware. Anyone may use this software freely.
Pocket RAR is making smaller archives than the competition, saving disk space and transmission time.
Pocket RAR offers a graphic interactive interface utilizing pen and menus. You can easily browse for archives and files using the file- and archive management mode.
Pocket RAR can compress, decompress and delete files in RAR & ZIP archives.
Pocket RAR provides advanced support for RAR archives with solid archiving, multivolume archive support, six different compression levels, Unicode in file names and password protection using 128 bit AES encryption.
Pocket RAR has a small executable size to reduce the amount of precious Pocket PC memory occupied by the archiver.
All advanced functions can be performed on a desktop computer using WinRAR. Help files and install documentation are also stored on the desktop computer.
Pocket RAR allows for easy transfer of files between desktop computer and Pocket PC.
Pocket RAR features are constantly being developed to keep Pocket RAR ahead of the pack.


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