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mDigger �s client application, mDigger Reader, provides users with a new and surprisingly user-friendly mobile device information-browsing experience. The program is a simple, yet powerful little tool that lets users read, organize, and update all the information delivered to their devices from the mDigger Service. mDigger Reader displays Web and other informational content in a format tailored to the screen resolution and navigation requirements of the user�s particular mobile device or devices. mDigger Reader is free, takes less than a minute to download and is easy to install. The program resides on the user�s device and works with together with the mDigger Server to deliver information to users. Perhaps the greatest feature of mDigger Reader is its ability to work in offline mode. Thus users have the added convenience of being able to browse their information channels anywhere and anytime, without having to be within reach of their mobile operator, its content portal , or having to sync with a desktop PC. The program only goes online to receive channel updates, and even this is done in an efficient manner, saving on traffic and download times. Other mDigger Reader features include the �check for updates� function, which provides users with a quick and easy update of all of the channels they�ve included in their favorites list. This is a real time-saving feature, as channels do not have to be reviewed or updated separately. Moreover, users can create filters for their channels and organize or sub-categorize them any way they want. Users control where the information is saved on their devices and when it is d. In addition, users may customize how channel information is displayed on the screen with options such as images, script support, clear type, etc.


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