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iPlayer 0.2 is a Pocket PC freeware to browse and stream content from the BBC's iPlayer.

- Finger friendly UI including flick kinetic scrolling, swipe gestures and vibration feedback.
- Supports Nav Sensor and Stylus Removal (thanks koush)!
- Higher quality video/audio than Samsung User Agent hack (483x272 h.264 video stream).
- Browse content by Highlights, Popular, Channel, Category or Date.
- Search for content and save history.
- Checks for latest version of player and AppToDate support.
- Downloads video to device for later viewing (I download at home over wifi and then watch videos on the tube on the way to work).
- Video launched in your default player associated with '.mov' files (I use CorePlayer).

This app works by impersonating an iPhone to access an unprotected mp4 file and then patching the index to allow immediate playback. Many thanks to the people who discovered this technique - see readme.txt for credits and further explanation. Note that this is in no way sanctioned by the BBC.

Downloads videos to the installation folder so highly recommended that you install to Internal Storage. This is obviously a very data intensive application so I would recommend using over wi-fi or with an unlimited data plan.

- .Net framework 3.5.
- You also must be in the UK to use this. The BBC seem to block access over cellular data from some operators (e.g. Vodafone) . If this happens then please try over wifi & report your findings.
- This app is for the Diamond only so far (because of the screen res and sensor support). I may add support for other devices and screen resolutions in the future if there is enough interest.
- You need a video player capable of playing back the (h.264 + AAC) video. The only one I have found that works is CorePlayer (commercial app). This player must be associated with '.mov' files. If you rename the file to have a '.mp4' extension the HTC Album will play the video but I do not get any sound. Please could you try this on your device and if it works report the ROM version/HTC Album version/build.




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