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This is my YouTube search/player application. Bit like the latest CorePlayer.

It allows you to search for videos in a nice friendly Windows Mobile app and then plays the full FLV video (not miniscule MPEG4 versions) with its own player.

The app is written in a mixture of .net and C so you need the .net runtime, v2.

The video player overlay is hacked out of TCPMP and the FLV part is based on FFMPEG.

Latest version will alway be attached here.

youtubeplay v1.0.0.8 updated 10/10/08, changes:
Fix - -3 play error, which was caused by internal YouTube changes and some bad code!

youtubeplay v1.0.0.7 updated 12/5/08, changes:
Fix - Crash when switching to play video (problem on Kaiser ROM "Mobile Vista v1.3" and maybe others)
New - Added AppToDate support - had to change download location to my server
Fix - Can now reliably retrieve up to 50 results
New - Reverted config and results forms back to non fullscreen to enable SIP and menu
New - Hardware keys - dpad up/down = vol up/down, dpad right = ffwd, dpad left = back

youtubeplay v1.0.0.6 updated 8/5/08, changes:
New - All YouTube feeds now available
New - Related videos
New - Associate youtubeplay with FLV files

youtubeplay v1.0.0.5 updated 7/5/08, changes:
New - Added Save functionality
New - Added AV offset config setting to tweak lip sync
New - Added config setting to alter fullscreen rotation
New - Version number displayed in config screen
Fix - Landscape fullscreen now should be the right way round

youtubeplay v1.0.0.4 updated 7/5/08, changes:

New - Full screen application now - more space
New - Removed horrible toolbars, buttons back
New - VGA, QVGA, Portrait and landscape support
New - Config screen
New - Option to play smaller MP4 version of videos in HTC Streaming Media application
New - Buffer size configuration option
New - Option to set number of videos returned
New - Click on the search button again to get more results for same search
New - Load FLV video from file option
New - Made smaller
New - Video overlay set to GDI - better on Kaiser
Fix - Better error handling
Fix - numerous small fixes


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