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Genre: system

Y-Browser v0.88 s60v5 symbianos9.4 features: Currently Y-Browser only supports S60 mobile phones.

No plans to support for earlier edition S60 or UIQ mobile phones are planned.

Plug-in add:
Y-Browser BtObex sender plug-in, version 088(English)
Y-Browser Mail folders plug-in, version 088(English)
Y-Browser Text Viewer plug-in, version 088(English)
Y-Browser Zip plug-in, version 088(English)

Change log of the improvements made within the latest update:

* Lots of layout changes Settings Menu Revamped
* Some bug fixes to improve stability
* File modified time changed from UTC to local time
* Added Command short cut accelerators to the menu items
* Edit-Mark, menu has now two additional options: Mark with wild card & inverse selection
* File association settings added
* Plug-in manager added
* Email folders shown now as well (with Mail folders plug-in)
Licence: free


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