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Pocket Digital Clock


If you use a Windows Mobile Pocket PC then you'll probably have noticed that the built-in clock on the today screen isn't particularly thrilling.

If you want to add a more attractive and functional clock to the main screen of your device then you could give Pocket Digital Clock a try. The application replaces the network provider information section on the Today screen with a large white-on-black digital clock display. The clock displays hours, minutes and seconds, and it also shows you the date above the timepiece itself.

The program is a bit awkward to install - you need to reset your device after installing the CAB file and even then I had to play around a bit with files and registry keys. Once it's running it looks pretty slick though and has a very small memory footprint so you shouldn't notice any adverse effects on your device's performance, like so many plug-ins cause these days.

Ultimately though, Pocket Digital Clock doesn't really add any amazing new functionality to your device. The fact that the preset Windows Mobile time and date display appears above the clock highlights the fact that this app is merely duplicating what you already have.

However, if you want a clearer way to quickly check the time, Pocket Digital Clock does an adequate job.


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