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MSN Messenger


Now you can log onto MSN Messenger and chat with others from your Windows Mobile device. If you're familiar with MSN Messenger for the desktop PC, you already know how to use the mobile version. If not, it's easy to learn. Late for a meeting? Need to send a quick message? Using any type of Internet connection, you can quickly send text messages to anyone on your list of online buddies , even interact with multiple people at the same time.
Your list of online buddies helps you keep track of your friends. The chat window lets you read and write messages. Notifications alert you if others are trying to contact you. Take advantage of the 'My Text' feature to quickly send frequently used messages with a single tap. You can see when your buddy is writing you back, just like on your desktop PC. Your device will notify you when others are inputting a response so that communications are more interactive and free flowing.


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