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HelloTwitFace is an application for viewing and updating your status with Twitter and Facebook. It’s a mobile Mashup of technology from Twitter, HelloText and now Summize. It’s also the best looking Twitter client for Windows Mobile!

New to version 2.2 is Summize searches. Summize is a great web app for searching for tweets, in HelloTwitFace it powers the replies tab “@” and also the Summize tab where you can search for anything want on twitter! You can read more about summize at the summize blog.

The twitter part of the application was new to version 2.0 and replaced the twitter tab in version 1.0 that just use m.twitter.com. The twitter tab now shows the profile images of those people your following on twitter. There is also the Fantastic “De-Scobleizer” feature. If you follow Robert Scoble you know he tweets a lot, so I intvented the “De-Scobleizer” tab, a tab that filters out one individuals tweets.


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