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Gsmart Touch


Operating system interfaces seem to be getting more and more gorgeous of late. Systems such as Windows Vista, OS X Leopard and the iPhone have really raised the bar in interface design and as a result, older OSs like Windows Mobile are beginning to look a little dated.

Fear not though because there are plenty of screen plug-ins that you can use to transform the way your Pocket PC looks and feels. Take, for instance, Gsmart Touch, which adds a finger-friendly touchscreen interface to your device.

With a design based around rich green and black colors and large, transparent icons, Gsmart really is a thing of beauty. Once installed, it offers you a completely new window to your PDA, giving a better organized way of accessing common tasks and applications such as Programs, Messages and Tasks.

It runs superbly on Windows Mobile 6 devices, but when I tested it on my WM 5 handset it seemed to break up a little and left me without the ability to access the Start menu from the Windows icon, or to cancel out of screens.

I'm sure these bugs will be ironed out in future releases of the plug-in though.
If you're craving a sleek new look for your Pocket PC, then go no further than Gsmart Touch.


Gsmart Touch for windows mobile


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