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- Configure autostart, skins and applications with the new control panel applet.
- If fingermenu or fingermsgbox are visible, tap on left softkey to access service menu (see video demo below).
- Slide right to left anywhere to go to parent menu. Last slide minimizes fingermenu.

Tested only on QVGA devices, but it seems to work well also under WQVGA/VGA/WVGA emulated device.


- Support for WM 5.0.

Known bugs:

- Not working on WM 5.0.


- If you've just installed older version, I strongly recommend you to uninstall and SOFTRESET device before installing new version.
- Installation on device is mandatory (if you need more space, delete *_vga.png on QVGA device or *_qvga.png on VGA device from installation folder).

Update Description:

changes in v1.12rc8
- added exclusion list by windows class - title
- added min height
- added start splash screen
- fix freeze problem
- fix: sound is disabled from Sound & Notification settings applet.

- added scrollbar
- added exclusion list by windows class - title
- back softkey on submenus
- added start splash screen
- new feature: keep pressed then release SIP button to popup SIP menu
- fix render of ownerdraw menu (if ownerdraw menu can't be rendered, switch to standard menu)
- fix freeze problems.




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